What is Life?


I stand on a tormented bone of contention
Yet how it cuts through my medulla
While I inchor
With questions piercing in me like the sharpest needle
Ohh, God!
Can I never find my answer?

Deeper N2 The Questions Of The Anguished Soul We Go 2 Dwell. I, Again, Ask "What Is Life?" While I Slowly Die.
Sly Pains & Migraines Calmed By The Darque Rains.
Ruins. Stuck N The Ruins Of This Life.
Leaf, So Pretty, Of Fall, Falling. Something Heavenly, I Hear, Talking. Again, The Question: "What Is Life?". Though Fleeting, Something About This Livable Life Has, Again, Got Me High.

Life is being with the one that you love,
Life is living and loving with the power of the Lord radiating from Heaven above.
Life is living with everything that you got,
Life is never giving up when certain situations get to hot,
Life is handling it one step at a time,
Life is making every moment as enjoyably sublime.
Life is never giving up when things get tough,
Life is attempting to treat everyone I come across with the reflection of God's perfect Love.

Love Is Life. 2 Enjoy The Life That's Hapily @ A Laugh. Heavenly Love Is The Life.
Leaf Of Autumn Asking "What Is Life?"
"What Is Life?" Eternal Question Of All That Live This Life.
Knife Of Death, Often, Halted By Life.
Life Tells Me 2 Breath With Pen & Looseleaf Paper. What A Life.
Life: The Grand, 4 Any Strand Or Soul That Can Understand. Hand Of A United Holy Trinity Now Touching Me...Family. Memory Falters, Just After: "What Is Life?"

what is life you ask well I tell you what it is
it is a thing that we have its a thing that we give
it's a thing that we make and that some take away
it is given when you're born and it is taken at your grave
I've said what in the start in the end, not in between
because that's always different like the peasant and the queen
I can tell you from my life that it can always be worse
I can also say the life you live now is not your first
you can hear what I say and decide if it's true
so when you ask "what is life" well that's all up to you

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