Where have you gone?

Lost, searching soul,

Packet of frolicking, fizzling feeling.

Where do these pink, pale bags of flesh



(when all is said and done).


Who watches through eyes

As deeply as I?

Scrambled mind frantically connects

What defines life: sense, but what is sense?

So easily influenced, never revealing nature true,

So science but science influenced by perception, founded on principles moulded by unproven defined principles.

Religion? Existence defines definition.

What is concept without foundation

In original visual influence,

Analyzed, replicable.

Perceive, for me, creature beyond this world.

Break boundaries of mind set by lords above,

Craft in workshops of mind,

Fully not of this world. Questioning

Every limb and structure, so such constant appraisal of celestial being defying description.

Noted existence defines definition.

Boltzmann's brain seems to define...

So who is real is it you or I?

Connected, perhaps, to consciousness above,

One scrambling, crazed mind.

Prancing dots, influence of existence,

False influenced rules.

Bounded by billions

Upon billions of eyes, senses, lives,

Scrambled, hissing, self-destructiv mi

Catch attention lost,

As it twirls across webbed planes

Dreaming monsters beneath the bed.

Taking form when darkness sets.

Closed eyes, terror rise.

Slashing torn, crunching broken

Sinking snapping:

Reality sets.


Await onset. Of tears.

Lying. In darkness.


What are you if I am I?

As happy as can  I.

As melancholy as can I.

As upset as can I.


Another lens brought, caught.

Pus leaking ulcers in limelight.

Loving schadenfreude.

Where have you gone,

Lost, searching soul?

Happier alone.

Do you see while I don't?

Dreaming on this treadmilled reality.

You non-existent or me?

Perhaps both.

Pixelated packets of passion, perhaps.

Affably trapped by these,

Pixelated packets of passion,

So pleasant to ear.

  • Author: borg (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 22nd, 2022 00:51
  • Category: Unclassified
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