Love, like the bells in Church calling
members when it rings
The sound ran into my kidney
Like a melody from the voice of 
Rihanna when she sings

Your comely beauty craved for a snuggle
Falling into my arms glued like a gum
full of bubble
Right there in your eyes I 
could feel kingdoms jostle
Then I wish this could be 
a soul to always coddle.

The riveting sound from the, I mean
The words I heard you speak was
like a tintinnabulation dragging multitude 
greater than the star from the east 
to the wise men.

Ohh! What a Beauty made from 
a piece of glowing crystal
Radiating, glaring and taking 
many to zenithal
I should say it here needless later

Your sight is better than 
that of a statue made of Gold
You are a light, 
A bright one right in my sight

While you talk, 
I hang on every word you say,
When you move, 
like a breeze on a winter day.
When you smile, 
the sky turns from Grey to blue, 
that's what you do.

What you bring to my life 
is more than right.
If I don't keep this pen then am 
gonna write till night.

So on this special day, I humbly convey 
My gratitude and appreciation because you'll soon share my LIFE.

  • Author: SimonROCK Avingir Ter (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 23rd, 2022 03:21
  • Category: Love
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