When Things Were Perfectly Perfect


When Things Were Perfectly Perfect


I notice there are shadows

forming now

behind the silver backing

of the mirror

you once posed before

without a care in the world ..

While the flag

you then waved and wore

is now torn

beyond the point of all repair

a seemingly

seamless reminder of those

days of yore ..

When we were both young

and magic

hung heavy in the air and

everything just

seemed so perfectly perfect

  • Author: Neville (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 23rd, 2022 10:56
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Neil Higgins

    Memories of long ago Nev.I treasure them all ( mostly)

    • Neville

      snap mate .. there's not a lot I regret neither .. hope you n yours are all well and tis good to hear from you Neil

    • Bella Shepard

      How beautiful those memories, seen through the mist of time, can be. They seem to pop up just when we need them. Lovingly written my friend, and thoroughly enjoyed!

      • Neville

        I have missed you Bella but I thank you & bigly my friend .. Neville

        • Bella Shepard

          I've been somewhat remiss lately in keeping up with my friends. My husband's 100 year old father has just entered hospice, and we've been spending time on the road, traveling back and forth to see him. Hoping all will get back to something like normal soon. Have missed you as well.

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        • orchidee

          Good write N.

          • Neville

            Thank you O 🙂

          • dusk arising

            ah those shadows, like the maturing crust on a good cheese. not forgetting a wry grin or two as they are savoured

            • Neville

              He reads me like a bloomin book does this fella DA 🙂

            • crypticbard

              Haha, all of a sudden a memory flashed of Sophia posing by fridge light. Marcello could have been better to her. But ce la vie. My nan had a wall to wall, floor to ceiling mirror in the old house and we used to play in front of it. I think the aunt's went to ballet or something. But yeah, it was one big mirror! Rik.

              • Neville

                I guess depending on how and where you stand, sit or lay, all the better to see the whole of yourself with Rik .. Oh' by the way, we had a Marcello once but neither of us could get a decent note out of it .. Whereas Marcella was a different kinda chic altogether .. Cheers, Neville 🙂

              • Doggerel Dave

                Them old mirrors (I frequent old junk and antique shops) reflect me perfectly. Enhanced reality check. Ta, Nev.

                • Neville

                  Me too mate ... me too .. Cheers 🙂

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