"Salacious Sal"


“Salacious Sal”


“Salacious Sal” was a “freedom” gal

whatever your color or stripe.

Her only concern was how much “Love’’

you could bring to her racy life.


“Salacious Sal” was a gorgeous gal

long and slender and black as coal

with shining eyes that glimmered at night

prowling the streets to rock and roll.


“Salacious Sal” was a Detroit gal.

Lived there a while, then changed her style

and headed for the big city lights.

Still a showpiece once in a while.


“Salacious Sal” was a “modified” gal

transformed into something she’s not

Sometimes, she’d go drag on the strip

to prove she was still running hot..


“Salacious Sal” could blow your doors off

or force you to come from behind.

She could take you to the promised land

or whip your butt if you're inclined.


“Salacious Sal” has grown older now

She was born in 1949

I can’t race her like I did before

but I take that Ford for a spin 

once in a while, just to pass the time.

  • Author: MendedFences27 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 23rd, 2022 12:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: Someone I once knew.
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Doggerel Dave

    Kept me guessing and off on my own fantasies along the way....
    That's entertainment, Phil..

    • MendedFences27

      Thank you D.D. We have a way of naming our modes of transportation with feminine names, planes, ships, aircraft, and cars too. Thanks for your comments.

    • Neville

      this is a clever post if ever there was .. so clever in fact that it took me several verses before I realised exactly what was going on ..... N 🙂

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