Walk with the Lord


We must be steadfast in our faith,when we walk with the Lord,
The first step towards God,is to sever Satan's magnetic cord.
Satan draws us towards himself out of pure greed,
Not that he loves us ,or wants us,he just don't want us freed,
Free from the chains at his feet,and his wrists that Are bound,
Satan will collar our neck and with a leash,start leading us around.
GET BACK SATAN,you are not welcome around here,
Don't think that's the way ,
You better get goin,,
Back to where you came in,
You have no home here and I will count the funds
Get back to HELL,Satan ,you are so done

A walk with christ,
a marooned journey infused with unconformity;
--to desire patterning with the world.
burliness in prayer
And overflowing faith
Sends packing the intangible beast
freeing every life from darkness
For the walk:
requires everyday alertness

A walk with the Lord,is a very special thing,
For those of us that do,joy and peace, to us,Christ will bring,
If you call on the Lord,lift your voice and sing,
Give your PRAISE and THANKS,for He has redeemed our souls,
Christ Jesus is the redeemer and the Shepherd, gathering His lost sheep making His flock A whole,
He has given us salvation by dying for His children's sin,
So that we will not perish,and forever live,and that Satan will NEVER win.

walk with the Lord
is purely your choice
not at all possible
if you're unknown to him
so its time to introspect
and find where do we stand....
in Christ's caring arms
or in Devil's destructive farm
walk with the Lord is easy
as long as we are not busy
but enjoy every of his statutes
that reforms our attitudes
making us a beautiful human being
the one, Lord created with wings
so let not the satan lie to you
be alert and walk in the word's glow.

Walk with the Lord
As the apostle did;
With the Word as my sword,
I’ve done it since a kid.
Now that I’m grown up,
I walk with Him each day;
His love fills my cup,
Since He came my way.

Walk with the Lord,and in your time of need,
Our Father will send you an angel to help you,my words you should heed,
I was in a bad situation where I was alone and lost,
But the Lord has sent an angel named Gabriel,to help me at no cost,
He drives a nice SUV,and had kept me safe,
He has continued to do so in times of waivering faith,
So I thank the Lord for Gabriel,my new friend,
For protecting and watching over me,and is truly a Godsend.

We childishly accept ha-ha
the pranks of beelzebub
and try avoiding Satan's tricks
from time to time
then we stand up
to be steadfast in our faith
& devil's greed in us
reduces as a wraith.
But Satan won't be able
to spread sly adulation,
we are with God in our souls,
it triumphs full salvation.

Walk with the Lord,even through the mud and muck,
For He will support you ,so that you don't get stuck,
He will carry you,when things get to tough,
The Lord will hold you,when you feel as if you have had enough,
Walk with the Lord,in all that you do,
Walk with the Lord,and He will never leave you

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