You always make me feel like I'm dead inside
You try to stab me with your dirty needles
and cover my scars to watch them heal with time.
Add some poison to my blood and shake well.
Leave me with painful splinters in my mind.
I cant erase those haunting memories of hell.


Cause you're an infection
to all those around you
you cause a corruption
to start spreading from you


You often make me feel like I'm sick all over,
stuffing all of your hate, love, and fear inside of me.
It is a deadly illness like no other,
and I dont think there's a cure for this disease.
I know I can't go on like this forever.
My immunity is going down with me
as I start to feel a blistering fever.




Everything you touch becomes infected
and everything you love is so sick and twisted.
You cant hold me cause your arms are tainted
and I can tell that your smile is tasteless.



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