closings i

Kinsey Peterson


red until it dries

the length of my arm

the slight of my wrist

its warmth



  • GabrielThePoet

    show your strength you are strong

  • GabrielThePoet

    stay alive and find that person who will fix you

    • Kinsey Peterson

      i am anything but in need of being fixed. losing the parts of me that i have damaged would mean that i lose the parts of me that have turned me into who I am. It's because people have hurt me and I am traumatized that I can find solace in words. if i could be fixed, i wouldn't want to be. My advice for you- don't find someone to fix you. You aren't a broken bottle in need of being glued and turned back into the same object of affection as you were before. evolve. find yourself someone who collects sea glass on the beach as proudly wears it as jewellery. find someone who sees the damage and loves you because of who it made you.

    • GabrielThePoet

      well put : )

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Good write, Joan.

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