Florida buses


Since I've been here I have rode many buses,

Mostly it isn't crowded,no need for fusses,

But yesterday,was an experience in itself,

After waiting for two hours, I really wasn't in a mood of stealth,

I was tired and just wanted to be home again,

Since I have been here,it is the most tired I have been,

Then when the bus arrived,it was packed like a ton of sardines,

So I stood by the driver,keeping to myself so that I don't cause a scene,

Then what happens,my good friend Alex steps a board,

Her friendly face was a sight I adored,

My anxiety relaxed and my panic went away,

She has a calming effect,what else can I say,

She was a welcome sight for my weary eyes,

Sometimes I wonder,is Alex really an angel in disguise.



  • Author: Crowns4Christ (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 9th, 2022 00:34
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • ForeverJesus6

    I like this one my love.
    Sometimes there is barely anyone on the bus. Other times, it can be twice as full.
    Sometimes you may have to wait two hours if the bus is running late, or sometimes you won't have to wait at all.
    I haven't rode the bus in a long time. I always prefered riding it at night. It is more quiet and relaxing.
    Again, I liked this piece, my love.
    Persistence is key

    • Crowns4Christ

      In the day it has been fairly empty,but last night,, it was after dark,and it was so packed,but you of all people know exactly what Florida buses are, HAHAHA

    • orchidee

      Do you know, some folk who we may see only in a church building, or within 'church' surroundings, can seem 'super-human', untouched by some human troubles.
      I mean, for example: 'Catch a bus? Oh, that's below us; we can't meet 'common' people on a bus of all things; we always go by car'. Them rich church folk - some of them are.
      Anyway - why don't ya walk, and give us ya bus fares, or spare change, for rebuilding the church! Doh!

      • Crowns4Christ

        HAHAHA, I definitely do my share of that too, HAHAHA 🤣😂

        • orchidee

          But I mean 'cliquey' type folk - you're left out if you're not in the 'in-crowd'. Doh!
          I got on OK with a person until he grew a funny hairstyle and beard. He's stopped trying to be an imitation of the prophet Elijah now - summat like that anyway. Durr!

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