I Miss Myself


These days, I have stopped looking in the mirror,
I miss those days when I was that young little girl,
Someone who only saw the way she looked pretty,
Someone who admired her face wholeheartedly,
Now all I see in the mirror are my flaws reflecting back at me,
A teenager who cannot match the unrealistic standards of beauty,
Pale milky smooth skin and cute button noses,
A mile long legs and nineteen inch waists,
I am so tired of trying to convince my judgemental eyes,
Those eyes who compare their owner to every girl they find,
My eyes have their own mind and refuse to open their doors,
So I don't look for beauty in the mirror anymore. 

  • Author: Kalyani (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 9th, 2022 14:29
  • Category: Forgiveness
  • Views: 30


  • Cressida Cane

    Being a teenage girl is hard. Be kind and you will see that over time, you are so much more than your legs and your hair and your waist.

    • Kalyani

      I agree

    • jarcher54

      At the end of a busy day, I often say I miss myself. So your title got my attention! I am an older man who, until he looks in the mirror, forgets he does not have bleached brown hair and smooth skin around his eyes. I don't know what your mirror shows, but you are obviously a very beautiful human being.

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