Walk with the Lord


Walk with the Lord in all that you do,
For if you don't,the devil will get his evil hooks in you,
He will speak to you with his forked tongue,
He will try to drown you,take the air from your lung,
Walk with the Lord and follow in His footsteps behind,
Keep pressing forward or you will get stuck in rewind,
Reliving all that you had done,
Good or bad,it doesn't matter,your salvation lies with the Holy One,
With the Lord in our hearts,how can we go wrong,
We can't,when we submit to God,we will tell the devil ,so long,
The Lord will always comfort us in His time of need,
One cannot enter into Heaven,by the work of a good deed,
The only way is to walk with the Lord,
And never forget to give thanks for the hard times along with the good,,none of us can ever try to be a disciple of Christ without giving up everything for our LORD

Being a part of God's plan,
is waiting for Him to touch your hand.
Walk with the Lord,
in everything you do,
and He will always,
watch over you.
Stay by Him.
He will guide you through the storm.
When the world is cold,
He will keep you warm.

To walk with the Lord means to trust in Him with all of your heart,
You must be willing to pick up your Cross and do your part,
Leave all behind in a moments time,
Even if all you have to your name is a dime,
The Lord will provide for His children, especially if we give up our lives of comfort and ease,
To work in His name and fall to our knees,
And worship our Lord and give Him thanks,
For the blessings in our lives and prosperity throughout our ranks,
Walk with the Lord, your whole life through,
Be cause you need the Lord,and He loves you

If we want to live a peaceful life
We must walk with the Lord.
Because only Lord can dictate the right and wrong path.
A trustful journey will reach us a respectful destination.
Sometimes a righteous path can change our destiny.
Lord gives sorrows to take tests in life.
That means He loves us and tries to strengthen us to fight unfortunate mishaps.
Gradually we can overcome the sorrows.
And at the end of the day, we will smile with joy.
That’s the magic of the Lord.
Lord exists in our souls.
Whatever we do well in our life, He is with us.
God exists in Good Things;
Good Thoughts
Good People
Good Mind
Good Path
Good Companion
Good Behaviour
Good Friend
And always remain in our Parents, who showed us this beautiful earth by giving birth.
So, we should always respect our parents.
And this way, we will walk along with Lord always, forever.

Trust in Him to guide you on the path to follow
After trying so hard to deny his presence
It's about time you see His light
Walk with the Lord, trust us
The road with Him is less Lonely
You have more than a Father but a friend
Only He knows the plans He has for you
So what better way to live your last days
Than walking with the Lord
We put our trust in His hands and pray
He will guide us on the path we are to follow

Walk with the Lord,everyday side by side,
Trust in Him,and enjoy a beautiful ride,
He will show you what's right
and never guide you wrong,and He will show you the sight,
On this journey with Him,even in the darkest nights,
The enemy will have to leave,he will have no choice,
If you shout out to the Lord and lift up your voice,
Walk with the Lord,in all that you do,
Bring Glory and praise to Him,the God that made you

Walk with the Lord
is a way of right,
Like a sunrise in the morning
Fresh, shiny and bright.
Its an attachment
Which cannot be torn,
Some relationships
that is created with us by born.
The way of walking is simple
But full of energy,
What a lovely Peer!
We feel, live and do synergy.
Don't forget to walk,
The Lord is waiting for us,
No matter where we live
The Lord is our best Friend
Who is always ready to grace us.

The lord's mercies Endureth forever
His loving kindness is from generation to generation
Walk with the Lord my friend
And see how sweet a journey can be
Father Abraham walked with the Lord
The number of his children are like that of the stars
Moses walked with the Lord
The mighty fleet of Pharaoh perished before him
I need not mention all the names of the mighty ones
Who walked with the Lord
And the journey is forever a memory
Walk with the Lord my friend
For he is mighty and great
Walk with the Lord
For with him, you'll be protected
Your enemies will respect you
And death will neglect you
When you walk with the Lord

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