Don't look back


If the Lord says GO,then GO and don't look back,

I highly suggest that you obey Him,or it is faith that you lack,

If the Lord says come to a certain place,

I highly suggest that you come,as quickly as you can,set a hasty pace,

Don't ever look back,when you are living in the Lord,

Because the repercussions isn't something that you can afford,

To live in the Lord,is to trust Him and obey,

Go where he is leads you,and not wander astray,

God will never steer you wrong, regardless of what many think,

It is not from the water of Jesus's cup that them scoffers drink,

Some say that we are a cult or a brainwashed group,

But we are all of heaven's army and part of the Lord's troop,

The faithless and sinful cannot understand,

That we live by God's word and not by any man,

So please,don't look back,when it's you that the Lord calls,

Keep on the straight and narrow path and it is assured that we will not fall.






  • Author: Crowns4Christ (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 11th, 2022 22:28
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  • orchidee

    Yes, I read Lot's wife did not magically turn into a pillar of salt. She looked back and was engulfed in clouds of sulphur and brimstone.
    You got any brimstone? What is it exactly?!

    • Crowns4Christ

      I always thought that it was flaming rock on like meteors or something

      • Crowns4Christ

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