Dr. Soma

For every woman, the precious gift from God is Motherhood.

No woman is fulfilled without being a mother.

A woman keeps her baby in her tummy for nine months.

An infant grows up day by day in its mother’s tummy.

It's a biological system along with God's magic.

After four months, mothers can feel the baby’s movement.

A lovely feeling for a mother when her baby first kicks in her tummy.

She cries, laughs, and lives with all movements of her baby.

A mother becomes conscious about eating as her baby becomes fit and sound.

A natural BONDING creates between a mother and a baby.

This bonding starts from the first day of pregnancy and ends after the last breath of a mother.

In her life journey, nobody can harm the offspring in front of a mother.

No matter if the baby is a boy or a girl.

All offspring are equal for a mother.

Mothers' love never divides within their offspring.

Mothers' all beauty sparkles on her face seeing the dream for a baby.

After giving birth, when a mother first feeds the milk to her baby

Oh! God! What peace! What a beautiful scenario to look at!

Every single drop of mother’s milk is the blessing of God.

No child can pay the mother’s milk debt in life.

Every child must remember that he/she couldn’t be grown up without his/her mother.

God has created many paths for death, but only one way for birth.

And that the path is in a mother.

This is the power of a mother which God gives to all mothers.

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  • Published: December 19th, 2022 09:59
  • Comment from author about the poem: A Mother is a symbol of power, and Motherhood is the strength of a Mother.
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  • Saxon Crow

    Very true!

    • Dr. Soma

      Thank you for understanding my feelings.

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