In His Face


The aikido Muslimah is driving somewhere and sees a crime, which is a fact;

An evil man is about to shoot a teenage boy in his face and that evil man is black.


The aikido Muslimah stops her car, grabs her sword, and exits her car, which is true;

She sneaks up on the crook, which is a heroic thing to do.


The aikido Muslimah tells the crook to stop and what I'm saying is right;

The crook turns around and has the aikido Muslimah in his sight.


The dickweed tries to shoot the aikido Muslimah, which is terrible to know;

The aikido Muslimah uses her sword to deflect the bullets of her foe.


The teenage boy gets away from the crook who's a total disgrace;

He's really happy that he wasn't shot in his face.


The mother fucker runs out of bullets, which is great as can be;

The aikido Muslimah puts her sword down and tells the mother fucker to try to assault her swiftly.


The faggot tries to assault the aikido Muslimah, as you can see;

The aikido Muslimah kicks the faggot in his stomach and I'm speaking honestly.


The aikido Muslimah delivers a figure-ten throw on the shitty fool;

When the bastard is lying on the ground, the aikido Muslimah stomps on his head, which is cool.


When the asshole is unconscious, the teenage boy thanks the aikido Muslimah for rescuing him, which is polite;

While comforting the teenage boy, the aikido Muslimah calls the police, which is bright.


The police arrive and arrest the stupid ass punk, which is swell;

While carrying her sword, the aikido Muslimah returns to her car and drives away and that's all that I'll tell.


  • Author: hotidris (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 19th, 2022 23:14
  • Category: Short story
  • Views: 7


  • Saxon Crow

    Still think you should turn your poems into comic strips Idris. They're awesome

    • hotidris

      Thank you, Saxon.

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