Geeky Greek

Oh Anxiety

Dear Anxiety
Rob me of
a peace of mind
always there
when I try to unwind

Bind After Bind N This Blind Society Of Sin.
Pen & Ink Satisfy Me Mentally.
Suddenly, It's Back, After The Writing. Oh Anxiety.

you always hit me with the worst timing.
my hands start to shake,
and my cheeks feel like they’ve been set ablaze.
but i’ve heard it’s a sin to have no peace of mind.

unsteady thumping in the bottom of my heart,
dear anxiety, must you always take a part?
in this suffering that consumes me so
i wish i didn't always have to feel so low
dear anxiety, wont you let me free?
there's so much in this world to see

  • Authors: Geeky Greek, Broken Ankh, me_myself_i, F.M
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: December 29th, 2022 11:56
  • Limit: 4 stanzas
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  • Category: Reflection
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