From Camellia to Hyacinth - Forget me not


When the world was introduced to me

Or I was presented to the world.

I felt like I was in a dark forest.

No sunlight could make my path brighter,

No stars could guide me in the dark.

Alone, I was roaming the land of chaos.

I wandered, lost from the path I couldn’t see.

I slept in places where warmth couldn’t reach.


Then, while demons roaming in my head

Where driving me further in the dark

And demons passing in front of me

Where laughing, trying to deceive and use me, 

We suddenly met at that time, 

When mirror raindrops rained upon us,

When a sea of purple Hyacinths drenched in red

Covered the ground beneath us.


I saw your demons eating you away,

You saw mine - taking my reason astray.

We both were left alone in this world,

Which abandoned us at the edge of disorder.

We found light in the eyes of each other,

We found warmth in others' embrace.

I’m sorry that I wouldn’t leave you alone

Because finally, I tasted the sweetness of Lonicera.


I could see that you too could finally breathe.

Extinguish your demons and rest in my arms.

Yet, we couldn’t fight the demons around us.

We were forced to taint our hands in their place.

But while the world around us was red sea,

Beneath us were red camellias.

Each day spent with you was engraved in my soul.

We both knew that without each other we couldn’t live on.


I still hear your laughter, sweet like honey,

Like sugar slowly melting on your lips.

What we had was more than we asked,

Sadly, the times we lived in let fear creep in.

As days went by we held each other closer,

Yet, the demons' thirst for blood was endless.

So many times came by when we thought we lost each other

By the selfish deeds of the cruel demons.


And before we could brace our hearts,

Sudden choices fell upon us - truly unwelcome ones.

Again I wanted to be your savior.

Keep you away from the battles the demons were brewing.

Bring you out of the twilight and bask you in the sun.

The taste of Lonicera was too addictive to me,

I forgot about you and thought only about me

I alone wanted to shield what was between us.


I am sorry that I lost sight of myself

And I ended up losing you out of my sight.

So sorry about the choices I made - truly ashamed of myself.

But you're no better, disappearing while I had my back.

I admit my intention was for you to live on.

To let you see the peaceful meadows of Strelitzia.

But you left me at the edge of the field of Hyacinths.

It seems like you had the same thoughts as me.


And now I’m out here looking for you.

Trying to find traces that will tell me where to seek you.

But I don’t know how long I will last.

Because warmth is fading away, freezing the path I’m on.

The demons are returning, eating me away.

When the night comes, hot tears soak my lips.

The memory-filled soul yearns for your sweet touch.

Why did I think that you could live through this?


I don’t know how long I have left,

Till demons around and in me break me. 

I want to write Forget-Me-Not since we parted ways,

Believing that one day you’ll come to hear my voice.

And know that I too realized that the selfish choices

I deemed to be right were truly the worst ones out of all.

And If we meet again, I promise to not look away

While we lay in each other's embrace in camellias.

  • Author: Alife (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 22nd, 2022 08:53
  • Comment from author about the poem: The words of this poem suddenly came to me. I intended to write a short story, but gradually the path I was on shifted to this. And, honestly, the more I reread the poem the more I feel bitter-sweet. You're welcome to point out my mistakes or where I have to improve because writing has never been my strong side.
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