butterfly crown

Christmas Without You

Christmas Without you,is a tough thing to do,
You are always in my thoughts and I very much miss you,
But soon you will be home and we will be together,
My love,our bond,no man can sever,
It is just you and I,and we can get through anything,
If we keep our eyes on God,and to Him,glory bring,
For it is because of Him,the I am here together with you,
This Christmas without you my love,is now in the rear view.

Hooray! Christmas without you!
KP I mean. I wish......
One can but dream.
But there you are KP
For a whole week
I won't survive it. lol.
What, you've no Botox treatments to go to?
No meetings of The Old Trout Club?
No photo-shoots to appear in the papers
Yet again?!
That's all you do anyway
A life of - me, me, me!! (heehee)

Christmas without you brings tears to my eyes. Christmas without you is hard; I’m not going to lie. I know we’ll be together again someday; so for now I’ll celebrate Christmas by celebrating your life in my own way.

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  • Finished: January 9th, 2023 23:00
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