Left for just sometime, thought it would be alright
Working overtime for you, not been able to see the sunrise
Living on coffees, starting to get headaches
But never thought that you will be the one to wreck this havoc 
Inside my head, I'm all scared, don't know what to say, its getting pretty late
Must be a hallucination bcz u are not like that, no right?
 Say something before i loose my calm side
Wrecking this havoc, inside my head inside my head

People used to say breaking trust hurt the heart most
They must have never saw such deep chest holes
Love is something that tore me up from inside and gave dark wounds that never gonna heal with time 
But it was nothing compared to the knife, that i got hit by, when you attacked, from the back side backstabbed, 
My head, i m becoming a maniac

Lost too much of my red cells 
White are becoming black ones, live is like a FUCKING HELL!
My friends asked what was going inside that heart of mine 
Its not fine was what i wanted to say 
NEGATIVE SIR my mind and it said okay
Now, End of the day are just sad tones
Everything is getting boring, sad thoughts keeps getting pouring, drowning, its getting shrouding
This damn head, becoming so black, having such a hard time, getting up back
I m gonna avenge, need a revenge
What is this i m thinking? I m becoming a
Maniac, this damn cardiac, maniac 
Wrecking havoc, inside this small head 

  • Author: Harshit (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 1st, 2023 05:54
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 13

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