Journey Through The Dark


She never really had those parents every other kid on the block had. She had those parents that couldn’t sit in a room together without starting a fight. 

She never had both parents' love at the same time. She had those parents that burned everyone of her lights. 

The day she turned 18 was the day she learned how to fight. Fight for what she wanted. Fight for what's right. 

She cut the strings that kept her mouth shut, spoke her truth, and learned to keep her head up. 

It was time for the world to know who she was, the daughter of two bred from the eternal dust. 

Her dad was the devil, her mom was the angel.

Both bred from darkness it's no wonder she liked Hell. 

Hell made her parents and probably her as well. 

The day she had died know one would know, not the devil, nor the angel, as both left her alone. 

Not one of her parents would pick up the phone. 

She died with the girl who started her lights, and became the girl who ended all her fights.

Pulled from left to right she's unsure which side, can take her to the truth that gives her new eyes.

Fresh eyes on her parents and new eyes on her life, real eyes for all of the lies from both of their minds. 

She's unsure of when it’ll happen but one thing she knows is how to turn them off and only show cold. 

She became the girl who looks for a hole, a hole for her to fall into so she won't be so alone.

A hole to take her away, but a hole to make her stay. A hole that takes your breath away.

But then one night she was saved, saved by a girl, the only one to stay.

Girl pulled her out the hole, smacked out the dirt and said “let’s go”

Took her away from the angel and the devil, only to leave and say “you’ll be okay”

She too had gone now, on her own again, back down the hole is where she starts to go.

She gets to the hole only to see it filled, angry she sits and waits completely blind to the chains. 

She hears the voice, the voice of her guardian giving her the key. 

It was time.

Time for her to break free.

  • Author: Kris❤️ (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 3rd, 2023 13:34
  • Comment from author about the poem: This Piece is written about my life. in just 400 short words, I have managed to explain how my life has been the past few years. it's written in a sad way that will tug on your heart strings but it is written so I ca say the words i've been internally screaming for months. I apologize to the people this is written about and if you read this just know I hold not hatred I just need more Guidance in dealing with your stuff.
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