One day.

oludare Joshua


One day, lost be gone would I.

No choice than to leave all that I have.

What shall I take with me other than my helpless self?

My house and all I possess would later be possessed

I would be clothed as was I from the day I was birthed.

My ritual bath would be made as once from my birth.


I'd die they'd cry, I'd wish they were there.

They'd hear not but me, now I know I'm alone.

I would wish we were two in the darkness that I home.

My deeds, are the light, I hope they are good.

Conversely, if are bad the darkness suits down to the ground.

I thought I owned the world but now I owe the mud.

I was a dust from the dust in the dust I shall dusk.


The news of my death would be broken yes!

My belongings and loved ones would all be left..

They'd feel for me, it's funny they might just be the next.

Cuz certainly it is coming, I was just before them ahead.

The religion I neglected is the basis of my test.

I'd wish to return, but I never would be yessed.


All the love for the world, I would not get in return., it would abandon me at the time I would wait for its turn.

It would rain cats and dogs from my cheeks as I scream.

The angels in charge would be merciless to the brim.

They claimed to love me, but now that I am gone.

They would fight over my properties who cares how much I worked to acquire them while alive? So what he's late!

Is the statement they would make after they mourn me for days.


And forever I shall wear the one cloth they would offer.

Now I know the world I left has struck me like thunder.

If I was a dream chaser, termination to it has occurred.

Or rather I was a drunk, my fellow barflys just owe me a cup.

No matter how much I suffer to acquire my grades.

It would be treated an higher degree in twain.

What a vain!


What have I come to and left this world for?

Have I gained only the world or also gained the afterworld?

Now, it's all over as there is no more remedy.

I was supposed to repent from my sins but never was I ready.

Day passes, I forgot I moved closer to my death.

By and large, I would last in my solitudinous depth.


Months and years shall pass and it would go on and on.

This composer would be mourned and so would you.

We would return to the lord that had fashioned all of us.

Return to him now before your table is turned...

Lastly, dont ever die except in a state of believer.

After all I haven't died yet but I would die one day.


  • Author: oludare Joshua (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 4th, 2023 00:41
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 8
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