New Year sunrises and their promises

L. B. Mek


Aliveness’s vindication 

Bumpy pebbles in our fate

Courageous aspiration 

Destiny’s we boldly curate


Hopeful as our perspective’s tint

Greatness as our perseverance’s, fruition 

Fulfilment as our ambition’s trait

Effort-over-outcome as our self-validation 


I’m toasting to a New Year’s blank page

Inking a grateful heart’s, pulsing volition

In defiance of what hardships may await

Irrespective of my quicksand starting line


Juxtaposed mindset’s liberated of anxiety


Keeping free of existence’s kindred fears


Liquidated lament’s: letting love levitate! 



© L. B. Mek

January 2023

  • Author: L. B. Mek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 6th, 2023 03:26
  • Comment from author about the poem: Happy New Year!
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  • Fay Slimm.

    Such sound and well expressed reasons for letting the new year begin with a review of its promise dear friend. A delight to read and agree in the final line how we best meet its challenges - --yes - by "letting love levitate! "

    • L. B. Mek

      Happy New Year dear fay
      what a comprehensive reading
      of my my humble scribble, thank you!

    • crypticbard

      Quite a curator's dilemma and challenge! Such a promise and a surprise that unfolds.

      • L. B. Mek

        and hopefully a little fun to read
        thank you kind Poet

      • sorenbarrett

        This truely is a well thought out toast. If we can only live up to each of these lines throughout this new year then it will surely be one of the best of all time. Each stanza with a wonderful metaphor. The third stanza was particularly vivid with the "quicksand starting line" and yes ending it with "letting love levitate" was a great finishing touch.

        • L. B. Mek

          what encouraging words, thank you dear Poet
          let's hope whether we live up to these lines or not
          it will still be one of the better twelve months
          we get to experience in our brief lives
          indeed, when all is said and done
          may it be that universal Love
          reigning high upon our fallibility's, ruins and dust

        • Neville

          This is one o them I shall have no hesitation whatsoever in drinking to time and time again .......... thank you Mek .. and all good things to you too sir ..


          • L. B. Mek

            and here's to your good health Hyung, cheers!
            (but try to not work too hard
            try as you might, you can't save em all
            and the empathetic mind is a most taxing muscle to utilise)

          • charles69

            hello, this is the author of Christmas On The Road I read your latest work and also the comments it has so far received
            I agree whole heartedly with them and don't know what I could add
            I think it is a great philosophical poem and also a fine and fluent work of art

            • L. B. Mek

              thank you! kind Poet
              your very read of my humble effort, adds a lot

            • Poetic Dan

              O my days how strange the word Liquidating came up when I was writing today and I say with the word for awhile.
              Then my first read of the year comes from a shining soul as you, I hope these words of yours I absorb can bring me that defiance I need!
              Keep up the write my friend
              Much peace and respect

              • L. B. Mek

                What inspirational warmth in your words
                dear cherished Poet
                I shall come back to your kindness when my knees
                begin to buckle
                How I cherish the day fate aligned my path with yours
                stay strong brother

              • Bella Shepard

                Could we but return to the moment of birth when all was a blank slate, and carefully write upon it the hopes and promises of the future that we vow to achieve. This is such a powerful and thought provoking poem dear friend, and such a wonderful toast to the New Year. May we be born again. Such a fav.

                • L. B. Mek

                  I think that's the mindset i was in
                  when wording this humble scribble
                  dear wise Poet
                  that feeling of curating our new beginnings
                  or at least making a few pledges
                  to entice fate's kind side, to gaze upon our path in life
                  'in hope we entrust'..

                • Goldfinch60

                  May each day's blank page in this New Year be filled with wonderful words Mek.


                  • L. B. Mek

                    thank you wise Poet,
                    wishing you and yours, all the best as well my friend

                  • rhmn_7

                    Effort-over-outcome mentality would make a big difference in our lives..

                    • L. B. Mek

                      indeed, that's my favourite line as well
                      'acceptance a much neglected utility
                      in our survival mindset's, weaponry'
                      thank you! dear poet
                      Happy New Year

                    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

                      Great writing .. think we all wish to be free of anxiety and fear it’s never a nice place to be in ..

                      Especially love the last line

                      β€˜ letting love levitate β€˜ nice use of alliteration.

                      • L. B. Mek

                        Yes that last line was great fun, thank you dear Poet
                        so glad you enjoyed the read

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