Bounteous mass media mechanizations...


generate fixation spurring sexual exploitation
evidenced courtesy adulation
particularly regarding young females,

whose seductive poses
linkedin selling (hard) wares
versus advertising males sporting, harkening,
approximating Adonis with remarkable beauty.

Western civilization commercialization,
commodification, communication
methodologies adrip with deification,
edification, glorification institutionalizing
the libidinal market,
the vast majority modalities
relay transmission via subliminal messages.

The non-innocuous tentacles housing
advertisement objectives thwart conservative
principled paradigm blatantly bind scantily
clad, seductively alluring fashionable super
models, albeit highly paid visually

captivating physiques of men and/or
women attaining just barely the legal age

for consensual intimacy – being
able, eager, ready, and willing

indulging as prime time player
asper anatomical fancy feast.

Tis upon that ascending pedestal,
(a mere hop, skip, and jump along
the royal red carpet treatment), where
storied career launched courtesy coquetry.


Nymphs inevitable masterfully baited, lured,

and victimized toward risque
business tactics (i.e. questionable
ethical, moral, and parochial precepts skirted).

Nonetheless marketable cache cows
frequently, indubitably, naturally sally
forth into klieg lights of fame and fortune.

A significant entry
vis a vis segue-way into celebrity
stardom invariably venerated, paraded,
included acquiescence treatment
as saleable merchandise.


A representative penultimately pitches

packaged person (possibly pampered pink,
perhaps poignant playbook
perused 'pon Peter Piper
picking, pecking pickled peppers)
peddled as analogous

analogous to a widget.


The primary difference contrasting

parading an aesthetically
pleasing individual versus
purveyor peddling an inanimate
object includes heavy
emphasis toward repurposing
a person larded amidst
salutary, savory sensuousness,
soothingly sublime
sultriness steeped, groomed
and bathed with visually
arousing, beguiling, captivating
desirable effects.

Professional (astute, cute, hirsute) role model people,
(whose genetics and environment allowed them to
husband maximally fated beauty) must feel very
comfortable in their own skin to display (just shy
of promiscuity) unclothed erotic verboten part.

No doubt pheromone

or testosterone pulsates thru
the body electric of viewer.

Coy, flirtatious indirect luring operates randy
unfettered yearning bestirs the desire for
immediate intercourse.

Even this three score plus three year old,
(whose libido went dormant as a side effect
of pharmaceutical prescription medication
to minimize unpredictable paralyzing panic
attacks predilection) attests to increased
precocity patronizing pendulus intromittent organ.

Many instances incorporating some athletic, demure,
the innocent looking photogenic subject just waiting
to be the cover of a glossy glimmering glamorous
magazine (especially an underage male or female),
the head honcho may be censored, disallowed,
escorted) away from any picture that hints in
appropriate physical interaction.

Subtle techniques and/or poses broadcasting a
delectable, honorable a laudable photograph may
unconsciously connote spine-tingling sensations
approximating statutory rape.

Such prurient intimations defy being regulated,
nor ought flattering images snapped by avidly
conscientious, exceptionally gifted, ineffable
kindred shutterbugs banned.


Impulsiveness (particularly when

the welfare of a minor OR
animal happens to be at stake)

must be appropriately addressed.

If abusive actions arise subsequently
birth, jump/kick start perpetuate concupiscence
against a minor (simply for anatomical excitation

synonymous with any physiological endowment
sans gender nonspecific characteristic),
impossible mission of restitution

transgression best be acknowledged,

violation against havoc wrought
upon the essence of beauty.

Depredations highjacking lost precious
quintessential tenderness prompts me

to ejaculate condemnation against perpetrator
for the remaining life of hypothetical
individual cascading like a house of cards,
the mental, physical and spiritual states of being.

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