of Bright young minds and Endangered occupations

L. B. Mek


So then, can you all imagine 

Wings made of wax, melting 

Then father watches-on, helpless 

As Icarus plummets, just like that 

Can you understand why

This is titled an ‘important failure’

What its allegorical lesson might be?


Erm, yeah guv

Use ‘No More Nails’ next time 

Works a treat 


Funny, Mr Wit

Seriously, anyone want to guess?


But like Guv, that other fella 

Just watched him get splattered

Didn’t like, you know, do something 

Like Superman or Spider-Man or Batman

They’d have like, you know, done a dive

And like caught-up to da kid 

You know, like a true comic hero


Eh, Guv you here his misogynistic BS

What about Superwoman or Sappho

And like Maya Angelou’s diamonds 

Between her thighs?


Eh, what You on about now 

Always so impotently militant

I was on about the fella’s father, a man

Nothing to do with feminism!


Look, none of that, both of you

You’re all missing the point here

I think, taking it too literal


But like Guv, couldn’t that clever guy

Just like grab some bedsheets 

And like create a parachute, like

Ain’t that you know 

Negellaggeblness’ness or parental abuse?


Well I mean this was Greek mythology 

Archaic time’s, not as advanced as we are

Parachute’s weren’t invented, yet


Oh yeah Guv? Smells all dodgy to me

I mean, here they are flying about

To the Sun, while we can barely moonwalk

With like, just feathers and wax

But like, we ain’t got that

We’re all boarding huge tin cans

Fitted with giant exploding engines 

Seems to me they had it sussed better


Seriously?! We’re doing Greek mythology 

We already went over what myth represented 

In antiquity, you know this is all made-up fantasy 


Yeah, but that’s my point Guv!

While they’re making up their beds

Coming up with wings  

They could’ve come up with parachutes 

Like it’s all fantasy, so why not?


Well for starters I don’t think they had beds

Well not like us, exactly or duvets and bedsheets 


Ah I get it now, Guv!

Lesson is, first come up with decent beds

Before you try jumping of a cliff, right?



Well, that could certainly be 

An interpretation, maybe 

At a stretch, quite poetic really

I’ll settle for that

In a way, well done class!


Next lesson we’ll be covering Homer

You’ve all heard of Troy and Achilles

He’s more like a typical superhero 

You’ll all have fun!


Is that about Brad Pit in a short skirt Guv?

What’s the Simpsons got to do with it?




© L. B. Mek

November 2022

  • Author: L. B. Mek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 9th, 2023 03:30
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  • Neville

    I first read this much earlier today & just knew I would be compelled to return to it ..
    not just because I hoped that in the interim, I would have prepared an appropriate full appraisal .. but because I just knew I could not possibly take everything in, in a single sitting ..
    Upon my eventual return .. minus anything prepared earlier .. I proved my self write ..
    Nevertheless, I am compelled to point out that the whole thing proved itself to be one helluva joy ride ..
    it also demonstrated just how versatile and accomplished you are as a poet brother Mek .. Neville

    • L. B. Mek

      a joyride, what choice wording
      was a joyride to write as well
      as-ever, just grateful we crossed paths Hyung
      'a single
      genuine clap, can deafen life's emptiness
      every time'
      thank you!
      (oh btw am currently eyelash-deep in your book
      what a collection! so diverse yet intoxicatingly seamless
      so happy for you my friend, you must be very proud)

      • Neville

        You are most welcome & deserving .. Oh' & very special regards to those eyelashes of yours brother Mek

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