Sunset Desires


It’s been seven moons since she last saw him
But a bit of him was growing inside of her
She could feel it
The turns, the kicks
She knew it
And soon enough she'd be returning to that wooden gate. 

Yet here she was
Playing her cards in her sweet home
Like a clown in the circus
Nothing was right, but she still held up her smile

The night felt cold that day
As she swayed on her hammock
Everything was going to fall apart
Her gut kept warning her
What she’d done was cruel
How would she?

Silently, he moved towards her
Like he was trying to rescue her in her lost abyss
He cringed towards her hammock
And placed a hand on her growing belly

She lay there still
Building words but finding none
He needed to know
She needed to say it
 But instead, she smiled at him
And he smiled back
Smiling hard enough to pierce her through her heart

How would she tell him?
That one night she felt neglected and ran off
A few yards away from where their home was
Unfamiliar grounds? No!
She knew that place
Behind that wooden gate was home to her first love
The man who’d truly understood her
But didn’t love her enough to fight for her
And that was the end of their tragic love story
Yet over and over again, she found herself outside that gate
Like a criminal constantly returning to her crime scene
Is it normal to seek closure from a soul that rejected you?
So that night when she knocked on his gates
There he was
With his warm smile
And she jumped on his arms

She still remembers it all
How he ushered her to his home
Served her a hot cup of chocolate to ease her anxiety
And they talked till words were no longer enough
He moved close to her
Parted her lips with his and gracefully swept her tongue
He held her head from the back
Pushing strands of hairs out of his face

He laid her back on his bed
Brushing his breath and tongue all over her neck and down her breasts
She loved it! 
Then he undid her dress and set a throne between her legs
Licking and sucking life out of her folds
Sticking his tongue deep in her while his hands reached for her stomach and caressed it
Slowly he got on top of her, attacking her lips so she’d feel how juicy and tasty she was down there
From his lips to hers, she savoured every moment of it
And finally he slammed in on her
Not too rough, but hard enough to leave her mouth open
Gasping, mourning
He rocked her, back and forth,
Harder and better
And all she did was mourn to the rhythm
With her head pushed back and her back arched well enough for him
She loved to be in charge 
So she got on him and set the commands 
Riding the shit hell out of him and calling out his name 
And there, he left a piece of him in her
So would she explain this?

She sits up from her hammock
‘It’s not going to be easy’, she sighs
The child in my womb is not yours
It belongs to someone else. And with that, tears flock her eyes
She falls on her knees and breaks to a million pieces.

Sunset Desires

  • Author: Sunset Desires (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 10th, 2023 09:18
  • Category: Sad
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  • hannythoughts

    Good writing and such a sad for the other guy.

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