of May-it-be maybes and Belatedness as curse

L. B. Mek


We reach, to aspire

We seek, to inspire


Once, a time between Summer

And hope

I dared a question of existence


Find, within me purpose, please

Show a reasoning

For each of my accumulated deeds


Do not forsake me, after

Instead help me

Before - I falter.


Once, a time after midnight

Snug underneath dreamless covers

Imagining’s lulled themselves, investing

In self-deceiving, prophecies


Between Spring and Winter

Reality shuddered its callous greeting

Grifting nightmares from memento sinkholes


Hopeful’s maybes as blinks of youthful tears

Musing’s verve distilling our life’s resignation


Each word left unspoken, prickling hesitation

Each touch left unreciprocated, dulling sensation

Existing for each lamented choice of vulneration

Learning survival as our indifference’s justification.


Once, a Time before Autumn’s blight

Shadows trailed life’s enamouring light



© L. B. Mek

February 2021



  • Bella Shepard

    Your first two lines take my hand and walk me through this labyrinth of soul searching in the most incredible way. Powerful insight, powerful words that, at this late stage of life, hit me in just the right spot. Thank you dear poet, it is truly a fav.

    • L. B. Mek

      wonderful imagery 'take my hand and walk me'
      Bukowski said a poem was like a city
      that analogy, resonates with me
      oft, we get lost
      need that line or two
      to grip and path our route, through
      all that poetic ambition and unfurl
      the basic truth's
      that all poetry, aspires to decipher
      then what we're reading
      seems to fit, as snug
      as our well-worn wellies...
      (how I do go on
      all these words just to say, thank you
      so glad you could relate my friend
      and cherished Poet)

    • Neville

      There are some things in life that which can be more than just what they might appear to be at first .. Whereas some other things may undergo an insidious metamorphosis .. but mean or say the same or similar things .. Halleluiah & Alleluia being but an example .. Your poem today is remarkable in that the more
      I consider it, the more I see more than just what is writ .. and the curse of my obsessionality (my neogilism) becomes more a blessing ........ yes, it is that good ..

      • L. B. Mek

        i blush, cherry crimson on chocolate cheeks
        sneak, another peek
        your words still greet
        black on white, invigoratingly sweet
        effusively indulgent like a slice of black forest gateau
        oh how beautiful this breathing thing, can be
        at times...
        thank you Hyung, 'I'm floating'
        and will be, all week long
        (cheque's in the post, expect delays
        strikes on strikes
        even with double the post stamps)

      • Fay Slimm.

        Am more than breathless with the perception rhymed so well in this ode to finding life's purpose - the first two statements made mu hair curl - -- top marks and a fave. with me dear L.B,

        • L. B. Mek

          well now, I must believe
          I've come up with another accident
          stumbled upon that all illusive poem, maybe?
          as-ever, you humble me dear Fay
          thank you! how very kind

        • sorenbarrett

          So many lines of great verse. This reaches to the innermost searching of the soul for answers as to our purpose and reflections upon how we measure up. Your almost mystical wording of time, how it passes, what it brings and what we have to show for it. This is far deeper than the surface and unearths archetypes evoking deep emotions. The last two lines "Once a Time before Autumn's blight
          Shadows trailed life's enamoring light" were haunting. At my age I live in those shadows half of the time waiting for the sun to continue its journey but as it does the shadow grows longer. A masterful write.

          • L. B. Mek

            'archetypes evoking deep emotions'
            'live in those shadows half of the time, waiting'
            'Jungian' poetry, this is just awesome, lol
            thank you!
            these are such humbling words, my friend
            how very kind
            I read and learn dear cherished Poet

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