What I Miss Most About My Childhood


I miss little me.
I miss everything. I miss being carefree and not knowing nor caring where my life would go. The toughest love in my life then, was disciplinary love from my parents.
I miss being oblivious to the world. I miss thinking the world was mine and everyone was a piece to it.
I miss my innocence. I miss only seeing color. I miss looking at the word like a piece of Gold. I miss seeing only color. I miss seeing only good things and good people.
I miss the excitement I found in almost everything. I miss finding joy in the circumstances. I miss never having a single thought of a single misfortune.
I miss having no deep emotional attachment to anything I knew wasn’t permanent. I miss being ignorant to the word “Love.”
I miss little me. Little me is the REAL me. The me only I knew.

Knew 2 4gotten. That Thin Line Between Truth & Lie.
I, U. U, I.
Sigh: What I Miss Most About My Childhood.
Good & Bad, Never, So Really Understood.
Understand: Toys, Cartoons, Comics.
Picnics N Dire Circumstance: Shadows Dance Perfectly 4 Innocently.
Playfully, Youth Progresses 2 Personify Our Universally.
Reality With The Mysteries That Shape Most Profoundly.
Glee: Memorably.
Flee, All Worsts, 2 Remember...This Particular, Now, Is: What I Miss Most About My Childhood.

I miss hiding behind my age
Telling everyone I wrong that 'i am just a kid'
I miss the oblivion
I miss the energy that flew through me
But what do I miss the most?
An overflow of mummy's kisses that now go to my younger siblings

I miss thinking
Nobody would harm me
In the future

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