When you think you have it conquered, is when you lose it all.

I mean do you even notice when you're children ball? Another hit and another tear, all they want is for it to just finally disappear.

Yet you do nothing but weave your web of lies and cause them fear, when all they wanted was their mother near.

You are selfish and undeserving, you are high and blind to that at which was your salvation, is now at which your goodbye.

So take another hit and cause another tear for all your reasons to stop have now disappeared.

Your children are gone you have nothing left, you have sunk to the bottom, you have failed the test.

No more tears shall be shed. So take another hit maybe two, in the end this all falls back on you.

No more pain no more anguish no more lies and deceit. You have chosen this path so you can lie and weep.

Take another hit it's what you always do, just be ready for that hit to kill you.

This is what you wanted the life you chose to live so I'm leaving you to it, this is the end.

  • Author: emilychristian0104 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 18th, 2023 10:54
  • Category: Sad
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