I want help, I need it!       
I want relief,I mean it!          
I don't want to stress no more,        
But I don't want to die either      
All I want is to find peace again.
I sit on the floor
Hoping my mind will drift further
Because I have had enough of the pain.

I smile, I feel relieved,
But it's just a temporary float.
School is a tentacle that pulls me under
And unfortunately I have no anchor
I feel the anger,
I want to calm down 
But it's hard when you dwell in thought
My life, it's own version of 'Its kind of a funny story'
And for myself I feel sorry.

  • Author: Mela (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 19th, 2023 19:02
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  • L. B. Mek

    (mirror, mirror
    in my mind, whose the craziest
    of us all
    me, for wanting something real
    beyond the fake smiles
    that never reaches peoples eyes
    or them
    that act like, school
    is a staging ground
    for future
    pseudo ideological, battlefields?
    I was forced to attend, this
    cesspool of suffering
    to further my mind
    now, a few years-in
    and many years still left
    I'm made to feel like
    I've lost the plot
    they say chess is a hard game
    I'll argue, chess is a playground
    in the face of betrayal and cruelty
    as dance of surviving, school life
    and to think, after all this
    awaits endless interview rejections
    and offices
    chocking my capacity to breathe
    to what end, must I endure?
    then maybe
    it'll be ok, in my own time
    I start looking for choices
    that broaden my own mind
    to those things that entice
    my creativity and self woven
    so maybe, when I graduate
    from that hellscape named
    I'll skip all that other part
    and begin to live a life
    I won't need my mind's mirror
    to validate!
    a life, all of my own volition
    a life, curated
    and filled by those
    whose smiles, reach their hairlines
    yes, maybe
    I'll start to plot my life's
    self-liberation, preparation

    • Mela

      Wow this is epicccc!

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