Once upon a time in Hollywood


Once upon a time in Hollywood, Melissa came to meet her love,
The only reason she went is because she was directed from God above,
Never been to Hollywood Florida before,but it feels like home,
She finally belongs somewhere,out in the world,not under a protective dome,
Living,working and being with Dion,she is loving every minute of it,
The Lord has a perfect plan,and now she is where she is the perfect fit.

As the dusk set on your past,
it seems there is a new dawn.
Finally, your close to me;
far from Oregon.
Where the Lord leads us,
we always must obey.
It might not always be easy,
but remember,
He will never lead us astray.
So finally your in Hollywood,
but this is not where it will end.
There is so much more for us.
It is just a matter of when.

Oh, a tale of doom and gloom!
Once upon a time
Though this is true (is it?)
I met a gal named KP
Turned out the worst day of me life
'Twas one Halloween
When else could it have been?!
She hid the water that I add to me whisky
And said 'Marry me?'
'Yep' I said
But I've never been the same since
it's been all downhill from then on! heehee.
(I write some rubbish sometimes. lol)

There was a man called Jesus,
His profession was to bless,
Wounds of all he could dress,
The Lord he could address
As the world began to progress,
Many got stress and distress,
Modernity inflicted a curse,
Jesus is there to kindly nurse,
He never looked into the purse,
Holy rays, He could disburse,
Due to him,nothing became worse,
If we pray, He makes peace ours,
We needn't pray to Him for hours,
But, He will give us all cheers,
He will remove our tears
And also all those nasty fears,
Our prayers, He lovingly hears,
By keenly listening via ears,
After we complete Worldly years,
Our journey on Earth He clears,
Before us, He majestically appears,
Everything negative disappears,
The fort of Heaven our body nears,
Rebirth happens to account for arrears!

God took me here
God took me there
God took me almost everywhere
But Hollywood
To be.

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