Pavan Kumar Singh

Warmth of winter……

        Warmth of winter……


Sun-rays slanting in from the west,

            Warm glow amidst the wintery fest;

Mind wanders through the mist of time,

             Heart yearning for the years sublime;


                        The loving faces appear so close,

                                       With jaggery, sesame & the winter rose;

                        Watching flying flocks of birds  migratory,

                                     With a mind unburdened with worry;


Steam swirling as we exhale,

           Adding to the fog & misty veil;

Like wisps from rooftop chimneys,

           Floating aroma of winter delicacies;


                      Chrysanthemum beds of multi-hues,

                                        Distant sounds of radio news;

                         Pullover knitting with gossip & views,

                                        Afternoon cricket & homework blues;


Before this nostalgic trickle becomes a deluge,

          Let me emerge from this idyllic refuge;

Beautiful memories from time so distant,

          Most charming part of our existence,

Such a stark contrast to this very instant……..


                                                                  Pavan Kumar Singh

                                                                  22nd January 2023





































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