What Once Was Is No More


he stands there,


as an army of emotions pass through.

his eyes bore into her pale, stained skin...

they trace over every soft feature,

lingering on what once were her gleaming eyes...

the gleaming eyes he fell in love with;

also the blank eyes he fell out of love with.

why did she do this to him?

he looks over her petite frame,

wondering where everything went wrong.

he lays next to her,

cupping her cheek and moving her hair.

her lips are practically demanding a kiss,

so he does exactly that...

he gives her one simple peck on her lips,

then each of her cheeks,

the tip of her nose,

and then a final, longer one on her forehead.

a single tear manages to escape his eye,

triggering a full storm.

a storm of rage,







so he let's it all out,

ravaging the room.

the army was now down to one…


he must get revenge.

he steps around her head,

making his way to the closet.

he grabs her favorite coat of his,

covering his bittersweet memory.

as the clock quietly ticks,

making its own remix of time,

as if to slow it...

he comes to realize his mistake.

following up his realization is a solution,

in his mind at least.

he takes a deep breath,

clearing his head

before he jumps to put his plan into action...

landing 7 stories down.

he remembered the scene of her,

laying there lifeless

and thought his last...

'why did I do this to her?'

  • Author: ricki (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 23rd, 2023 18:52
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote this poem based off three words… army, demanding, and remix. At no point in time did I know where I was going with it next, I just typed away and this is what i was left with. Any criticism or advice is appreciated.. I’m really hoping somebody sees this because I think I could progress enough to pursue writing as a career and it’s one of my dreams to have the ability to reach out to people through my writings. This poem is honestly one of my favorites that I’ve written so far… one of the few that I could recover after they were all deleted. It’s raw, as is all of my work, but it also has a deeper meaning, which is too like the rest of my work. I like the play on words in this one specifically, though. I really have progressed a lot from where I started, but there’s always room for improvements so as I previously stated… all criticism and advice is very much welcome and 100% appreciated!
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