I’m just noise
Empty and useless
All my words are silent
In your head I’m a mime 
Do you see me still?
Do you remember?
When those words
Meant more then nothing
I believed you
When you spoke of me
With pure joy and acceptance
"Never fading"
But it did
Forever doesn’t mean anything?
No, after you’re done
You finish your plate 
Leaving only crumbs 
Of pretty flowers 
That once grew in your path
A carcass on the side of the road
A body at the bottom of a river
A ghost in a grave
You move ahead
Before you hear me scream
Because if you heard you’d turn around
You’d see my tears
You’d see my fulfilled fears
You’d see me
And you’d know
That what you did hurt me 
More than it could ever hurt you
But I’m just noise
Empty and useless

  • Author: StrangeNoise (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 24th, 2023 04:22
  • Category: Sad
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