Severe surge regarding thou shalt not kill violations


Fifth commandment breached regularly
epidemic of gun violence in America
bullets fly, scream and tear into flesh
senseless rampant mass killings
rip across fabric of society
buzzfeeding, jump/kickstarting,

paradigm of mortality.

Since January first
two thousand and twenty three
countless innocent people lost lives
deliberately, yet randomly targeted
shot dead at point blank range
merely going about
their ordinary business.

No clear cut motive nor profile
delineates active shooter(s),
who could be either (or any) gender
and range in age
from grade school to septuagenarian.

The latest homicides woo,

and appease the grim reaper,
where gunman(men)/women slew

dirty deeds done dirt cheap
many baker's dozen innocent people

unknowingly and unwittingly drew
(rather gurgled) their last breath

choking on splintered blood vessels

beckoning, issuing, and twittering minimal
horrific animal primal gasps and groans.

Adversarial criminal minds

finds yours truly to interject

reasonable parenthetical rhyme without reason,
thus I temporarily tack tangentially offtrack

with cogent concise contemplation
to extemporize, lyricize, and soliloquize
brutal nasty senselessness
perpetrated courtesy fearsome

half cocked pistol packing maniacs,

whereby evils unrelentingly replaying nightmare
(exceeding cruelty by magnitudes administered


courtesy rocky horror picture show)
of gruesome carnage broadcast across

social media platforms

of killing fields anew,

in the minds of those unfortunate souls

who bear witness to deadly crime,
where odd stark juxtaposition

elicit skeletal goldenrods yellowed stalks
adrip with morning mountain dew
encompassing fresh footprints,
where berserk humans

prowling in the tall grass

(them of naked ape infamous

zoological niche) lately trod

in search of human prey
welcomed unsuspecting killer(s) true
colors transformed into hideous monsters

predictably soothing savage beasts
undertakers grisly task patching
shredded bodies after homicidal maniac

fired bullet(s) setting corpse

recalibrating counting queue.

As month one of new year
(according to Chinese tradition
water rabbit constitutes animal de jure)
allows, enables, and provides
brisk business for crematoriums
or funeral parlors.

Whether native American citizen
or foreigner (perchance student) slain
survivors bereave and issue final adieu,
whether gentile nor Jew,
perhaps including
child named Caillou
instantaneously slain, who
not what felled them
engrossed amidst social ballyhoo

ex post facto registering grievous hue
pallbearers accentuating somber view
eclipsing most recent prior massacres
similar to previous you
ululations yesterday's sorrows
without handy dandy blue's clue
lame motive explaining
cold blooded slaughter
vis a vis unsurprising discover re:
firearms Jane/ John Q.

Public kept stashed loaded, deployed...
guns up the kazoo
cocked, gauged, primed...
for unleaded opportunity
to unleash barrage
invariable generating hullabaloo
to curb bloody violence
trumpeting predictable brew
ha ha alloyed against National
Rifle Association almighty

Republican supported
lobbyist's motley crew
versus increased uproar
protesters chorus nearly few
tile opposition pitted grand Poobah
despite alarming statistics shew
plus increasing fresh gravesites dug
amidst freshly mowed fescue
attesting to wanton shell shocked
headlines indiscriminate brew

tilly assaulting sensibilities
without rhyme nor reason
yet, yours truly doth boo
leave rampant hatred
directly linkedin to
former "FAKE" commander in chief,
(biden his time as patient hunter)
whose acrid, horrid, rabid vitriol
still darkly colors political hue
man gushing bloody fountainhead few

ming and appreciable frothing
lathers up right wing supremacists
greenlighting smoldering new
bile radicals hot headed
volatile mindset whereby
self anointed anarchistic Guru
possibly fuels global warming
evidenced by displaced Inuits
flooding courtesy melting igloo.

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  • Published: January 27th, 2023 12:16
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