Dreams Die Fast


And at last the indomitable world was unfolding

In my palm.

All the skies were merging

Into my blue.

All the seas drowned

Into my passions.

All the stars melted

In my vein.

And then I had recruited Time.

To keep the show rolling.


In our everyday meeting

We discussed how to form

The blood the red one!

I told the primordial atom

To diffuse every pain into love.


The blood will run the world.

And it happened just as I thought.

All the cosmic nights

With their different angles-

Tried to warn us, reminding-

That blood was forbidden.

Forbidden from the very start.


Before the onset of every Big bang,

They tried the same.

In my first dream

I felt those passionate kisses

Beneath those locked eyes.


Holding the breath together

Believing in each other!

Mesmerized! That I became.

So blood was inevitable to form.

But it became bloodier

In every battle from the

Neolithic time.


So the primordial atom

Sheds tears accusing me

For Everything.

From greed to power.

From hate to violence.

From deceit to lies.


Now when I see them walking inside.

Inside the four corners of the

Security Council.

Determined to uphold their lies,

When blood is shedding bitter tears

In my palm, I know,

Dreams die fast.


26th August 2014



  • Author: NilavroNill (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 29th, 2023 12:17
  • Category: Love
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