Cheese and Guns

Cheese and guns

Cheese and guns

How to have the other without the one?


The back fields of a Wisconsin plain

Houses a large number of cattle

And even with their height and girth

It won't help much in the coming battle


Man will use them for their milk, meat and horns

Leaving the little ones with nothing to suckle

Weak, alone and sad for their mothers

They wander aimlessly 'til their knees start to buckle


Sensing their weakness, their lack of strength

The buzzards crowd round and begin to circle

They look over the calves with expert eyes

Then they move in silently as the sky turns purple


You may think that this is the worse

That's because you don't really understand the animal curse


If you're not human, then you're here to serve man

To plow, to ride, to fight beside us, to do all he would command

That's your only real purpose

And you stand it for as long as you can


'O Father who art in Heaven' you pray

Will there ever come a day

When I have some say

Over how I live my life, nurture my young

Get to voice what I will become?

Just these tiny, infinitesimal things I'd like to do

Long before the Day is through

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  • Published: January 30th, 2023 10:26
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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