The Library of Time

Bella Shepard

I do not own this existence

I have merely borrowed time

From the vast lending library of life

However the responsibility is mine

To take good care of it

While I have it

Use it well and wisely

And learn what I can

While it is in my keeping

That when I eventually return it

Hopefully in good condition

Someone else may enjoy it

As I have

It is to be shared


  • orchidee

    Good write Bella.
    I often waffle on about 'life's rhymes'. Dunno how they rhyme exactly, but there ya go! lol.
    And 'life's pages'. How many pages in the book?
    I dunno, but I wrote a book of 'Silent Poems' of 950 pages. Not one word in it - all blank pages. A best seller? lol.

    • Bella Shepard

      Thank you my dear friend, your observations on time are most astute. What I love about your book of "Silent Poems" is that it is so open to interpretation. Your comments are always so very welcome, have a great day!

    • Fay Slimm.

      What a perceptive metaphor you use in the phrase The Library of Time dear Bella - - how true that we only borrow a small amount here on this planet and used wisely we return it again and hopefully in good condition. Much food for thoughtful consideration are the points you make in this little gem.

      • Bella Shepard

        Thank you dear Fay, your words always mean so much to me. I truly appreciate the fav.

      • Doggerel Dave

        Really got this, Bella - no 'sage' advice, but a perfect model on which to base one's life.
        Enjoyed muchly.

        • Bella Shepard

          Thank you so much dear friend for such kind words. Time is so precious and not a moment to waste. Your fav is greatly appreciated.

        • Neville

          with not a single word wasted or even marginally out of place .. I am write beside you Bella ..
          and what's more, I wholeheartedly subscribe to the philosophy and underpinning principles you have so clearly pointed both disbelievers and disciples in the direction of .. splendid ink and so well spent ...

          • Bella Shepard

            Dear Nev as always your comments warm my heart. As Lina Lamont so poetically said in Singin In The Rain "It makes me feel that all my hard work ain't been in vain for nothin". I've been waiting to use that one. Thank you again for your kindness and encourgement.

          • L. B. Mek

            'That when I eventually return it
            Hopefully in good condition
            Someone else may enjoy it'
            thank you! how true wise Poet
            this be that wisdom of humility
            in accepting
            that we're merely getting to experience, existence
            we need not try, and own it
            for an infinity we can't be a part of!
            (if we look beneath
            most of humanity's repeated mistakes
            we'll find, an aged stubborn
            individual, refusing
            to accept their time has come
            that they've had enough
            that it's time to let go, relax
            enjoy the fruits of their labour
            what we find
            is wrinkled, bony tremoring fingers
            white knuckled gripping
            to every last ounce of power
            and pseudo control,)

            • Bella Shepard

              Thank you my friend for this exquisite comment, you've captured so incredibly our grappling with the enigma of life and death. You have a depth of understanding and wisdom that I love, and you never fail to inspire me. I also humbly thank you for the fav.

            • rhmn_7

              Your words sound so... peaceful.

              • Bella Shepard

                Thank you so much for reading and for you kind words. Hope that peace will be with you.

              • sorenbarrett

                What a unique and wonderful way of putting this. Life is on borrowed time and a gift that we will eventually have to return. How we have treated it during our possession of it makes all the difference in the world.

                • Bella Shepard

                  Thank you dear friend, I realize each day just how precious time is and more importantly what we do with it. Your comments are always so inspiring, thank you for being there.

                • Teddy.15

                  Your title drew me here and wow what a poem to read, short with everything that tools us with wisdom dear Bella, ❤️ thank you.

                  • Bella Shepard

                    Thank you, my friend. I consider my self very fortunate to share this space with one so kind, and thoughtful. I appreciate all that you are.

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