Hour of your absent, weight

L. B. Mek


It’s an oven of a room

on a January morning 

and barren branches, are creaking

their disquiet 

leaning, to scrape at those

looming windows

awash, with dew drops of fate


we’re both awake, early


strange for a working Monday

Tiger’s hour, absurd

I need to get up soon

and you, a few hours later


I’m thinking maybe, I seize 

this opportunity 

to do something romantic

spontaneously memorable 

arrange a hurried breakfast in bed

or maybe, we grab a coffee

at your favourite

and drive to work, together

for a change


I’m wide awake, calculating 

and you’ve got every inch

of you

draped all over me, weight

of life’s sweet scent

your head, nuzzling into my chest

and pressing deep, like

you’re trying to burrow your way 

to those anchoring depths

of my heart 


I choose, hurriedly – foolishly

stop thinking

and let my fingers, emote

soundless whispers

each vertebrae of your spine

I traverse, has your skin

reddening and scorching

my fingertips

love’s piano keys, pulsating


at this silky, moment 

of delectably irresistible sensuality 

a bird arrives to serenade us

we’re both, city rats


turning our heads

we stare blankly, clueless

as to what breed it may be

merely noting

its song is tepid, mellow even

matching our tranquillity, melodically 

you blurrily notice its blue feathers

deep blue, almost black

an ominous shade

while being framed by Aurora’s

blazing violet splendour.


‘Should we, just play hooky?’ you tease

‘Feels like a great day for breaking rules.’


Synchronicity of our thoughts

making me smile

I sighed, all my workload tittering 

upon my eyelashes

and guiltily kissed your forehead

ruffled bed hair, clinging to my lips


surrendering to life’s demands

we simply, stayed wrapped in each other

a while longer

before you forced me to lift you aside

and I grudgingly 

foolishly, got out of our entwined embrace

knowing, even in those brief seconds

I would regret this choice, my whole life.


Dear warmth

I doubt you would even recognise me

since it has been that long

I write these words, on a cold

June morning

I’m up again, at that ungodly hour

and there is a silhouette, I appreciate 

by my side

but yet, that weighty feel you tattooed 

on my chest, simply


to have that choice back


I imagine what that day 

could have gone-on to become 

and maybe, it would still be you

I’d have wrapped around me

instead of this weightless, duvet


I know, these words are a betrayal 

to the one dreaming away, beside me

but you see, my dear

truth be told, it was always you

I should have chosen, above everything


but I was young, I didn’t know

I had found, my life’s


at such a young age.


What I would do

to feel your weighty presence

upon me, once more

how tightly, I would wrap you

in these yearning arms


wherever you are, I hope

that person at your side

is not thinking of someone else

and betraying your trust

I hope, that you’re being loved

with that youthful

verve and devotion

I, no longer 

have it in me to offer, anyone…



© L. B. Mek

February 2022


  • Neville

    I am so glad I got up early this mane and reached this page before anyone else .. I could not have bared it had anyone got here before me .. this is a masterpiece brother Mek and no kidding .. see I even added the g at the end of kiddin as a mark of my absolute respect ... any poet regardless of who they might be or think they might be would be proud to have 'Hour of your absent, weight' in their portfolio .. Neville

    • L. B. Mek

      'I even added the g'
      what better statement of appreciation is there
      than stating a scribble makes us spell perfectly
      to insure we annunciate our effusive sincerity...
      (thanks for my first chuckle of the day Hyung
      really glad you enjoyed this one
      one of my most personal scribbles
      so it means a little more, thank you!)

    • Fay Slimm.

      Such an attention grabber this piece of poetic mastery dear L.B. - the time of regret poised so clearly after so many years is so very relatable in this honest gem of a write - no doubt about it I must have Hour of Your Absent Weight in my list of favourites.

      • L. B. Mek

        such a wonderful flavour of life
        to have honest exchanges with a Poet
        you truly look up to
        and then to have that same person, steadfastly
        encourage and support your scribbled efforts..
        I'm so humbled and grateful dear Fay, thank you!
        so glad you enjoyed the read
        its that season of romance
        for us
        who choose to champion love!

      • sorenbarrett

        L.B. this one made me cry. I felt like I was reading my own story, my own emotions, my own thoughts, it was haunting. This is art, no more to be said.

        • L. B. Mek

          indeed my friend
          sadly, its far too relatable a tale for some of us
          sorry if it made you recall
          that which you wished to remain forgotten
          thank you!
          for your wonderful words of encouragement
          sincerity's art is what we wannabe's aspire towards

        • Sakwa Franc

          I knew it ... I just knew it such great work my brother from Africa
          Good work

          • L. B. Mek

            thank you! what wonderful enthusiasm
            glad you enjoyed the read, dear Poet

          • NewWolf

            Your comment about my work blew me away, well, ive never shared my work, ,,,,Then I read your masterpiece and OMG!! It's an honor to have you read my work .

            • L. B. Mek

              thank you! kind poet
              glad you're having a warm welcome
              to our wonderful MPS
              you humble me with your generous words
              the honor is mine, truly

            • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

              The words flow so nicely .

              A beautiful write Mek .. gentle sad yet beautiful love the mention of those birds ))

              • L. B. Mek

                trust you to note the birds, dear Poet
                glad you enjoyed the read
                thank you!
                for your wonderfully encouraging words

              • Bella Shepard

                This poem has a beautiful afterglow of such sweet reminiscence that it leaves the reader basking in its warmth and tenderness. So lovingly written dear friend, so gratefully shared.

                • L. B. Mek

                  'beautiful afterglow of such sweet reminiscence'
                  this is just... well!
                  thank you! best line of poetry on this page
                  ('draped, in our hues of regret'
                  what a conceptualisation of hurt
                  such a poetic wording of comforting subtlety)
                  how insightfully kind, dear cherished Poet
                  I read and aspire to heed

                • Doggerel Dave

                  Yes- all of the above.
                  But stay - no response, svp..

                • 2781

                  I think the others have said it all. My only contribution is that my true love has grown, and I could no longer take her weight. Really beautiful poem, thanks friend.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    (oh is that sad? growing is a good thing
                    yet, too heavy is a burden we need to escape
                    still, better to have loved I think)
                    thanks for the personalised comment, dear poet
                    differing perspectives adds reference and layers

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