The Small Space


The small space

     of a lover's eye

A bed of hay

    on which to die


A desert waste

     from sea to sea

A journey sure

     to finish me


The walled garden

     of my lover's heart

The vain glory 

     of my petty art


A molting grackle

     in the rain

A screech, a shiver,

     a shower of shame

  • Author: jarcher54 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 7th, 2023 02:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: Musings on loneliness
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 69
  • Users favorite of this poem: MendedFences27, L. B. Mek.
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  • Neville

    my word, you muse so very well .. like fine art, this is near priceless .. N

    • jarcher54

      As usual the most interesting things for me sort of write themselves. Thanks for opening this humble link.

    • Doggerel Dave

      We all must sort this in our own way... In the meantime you've wrought a delicate thing which notes without becoming maudilin.

      • jarcher54

        Thank you Dave. I'm not particularly lonesome or hopeless... it's a human state we can all meditate on for others if not for ourselves. I can be lonesome if I really try!

        • Doggerel Dave

          Wouldn't have thought you were, jarch.
          I enjoy your contributions when I come across them - Stay here, won't you?

        • hzugman

          Well done J.
          BTW your art ain't petty.

          • jarcher54

            Thank you for your kindness. I love composing and making little watercolors, but I am extremely busy at work. Retirement is calling!!

          • Parisab

            The loneliness is everywhere in the empty spaces your poem holds. How beautiful!

            • jarcher54

              Thank you kind lady. This one was almost more about sound than meaning.

              • jarcher54

                Written about a year ago in a trance of unrequited... something I can't even identify! Grazie

              • sorenbarrett

                I loved the pairings. Subtle yet to the point. A bit melancholic but also nostalgic in a way. Very nice

                • jarcher54

                  Yes they aren't directly related but they all worked together in my pea brain! Thank you!!

                • Quemis

                  I know it is well made,
                  As It made me sad.

                  Very to the point.
                  Fitting watercolor too.

                • Kinsley Lee

                  Hi! Thank you for your sharing your poem. Your poem has something and it impressed me. Thank you so much!

                • hzugman

                  Nicely done, J54. I read it again.

                • Jon Nakapalau

                  Really liked this - sharp and vibrant!

                • MendedFences27

                  "to die," "finish me, "petty art," "shame," these final stanza words present a bleak sadness within your poem. Coupled with your art, which to me seemed to paint a disappearing man, added to that sadness. Yet, the skill with which you articulate the feeling shows poetic mastery. A great poem. - Phil A.

                • Goddess of the Mist

                  So very relatable, and something to come back to again and again. I've been gone too long. I really enjoy this poem. Hope all is well with you!

                  • jarcher54

                    I always enjoy your creations so back atcha.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    (forgive my tardiness)

                    • jarcher54

                      I appreciate you looking back... there is so much poetry on here it's overwhelming!

                    • Neville

                      I kinda had an inkling I would be back here .. and yes, its still as bloomin good as it was the first time ... Neville

                      • jarcher54

                        Or your taste hasn't improved any!

                      • The Dreamer

                        Wow! I sure can learn a lot from you guys, i am thankful that I joined this community.

                      • sorenbarrett

                        I liked this one and identify with parts of it
                        "The walled garden
                        of my lover's heart
                        The vain glory
                        of my petty art"
                        This echo's my own feelings very well. This piece reveals more each time it is read.

                      • Neville

                        another re-visit .. not just because I can and I care, but because these words & the accompanying artwork are worth it ... Neville

                      • hzugman

                      • sorenbarrett

                        The metaphors here are amazing. So grounded on the surface but deep upon inspection. The simple and complex united.

                        • jarcher54

                          Thanks for checking... you are amazingly productive and I can hardly keep up with your daily additions! I am soooooo busy and spread thin... but you inspire me to dig deeper to add more of my own poems.

                        • Eileen Clark

                          Hi, thought I would stop by to see what your up to and I'm so gl;ad I did, I love this one! I'm looking forward to reading more of your poems.

                        • Michaelpoet

                          Hell of a write

                        • Firefall

                          Your poem really resonated with me.

                        • Neville

                          This is still one of my all time jarcher54 faves and no kidding .. Neville

                        • Thomas W Case

                          Tremendous work. Well crafted.

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