What is Love


What is love, and is it meant to be
is it love if you won't even say it for me
my dear, hold me when the going is rough
don't hurt me when my love is tough
cause what is love but to lift you up
and when your empty, fill your cup
what is love but an action and not a word
cause a melody isn't music without its chord
what is love when given to get you through
and is it love when hallowed words say I love you

  • Author: Amelia Hendricks (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 7th, 2023 11:41
  • Comment from author about the poem: I was laying in bed last night when the inspiration for this poem came to me, and it was like 1 am. So I got up and went and wrote it down on my computer. I hope you like it!
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  • Ok Waleed

    Do you think God loves us although we have never heard it directly ?

    • Debake

      I think that Love is an action which is why hallowed words mean little without an action to back that up cause without the action, the words mean little to nothing at all. So yes I believe that God does love us and all of us not just select few causes there have been instances in my life when there was no other explanation other than it had to be God on March 20, 2020 mine and my families house burnt down not just like a small fire but the whole building and everything in it except the people living inside of it and my parents did not have any insurance on the house, so it was a total loss but a few days before this happened my dad got a new dog a german shepherd her name was Lucy and she was sleeping in the living room with my dad at the time of the fire cause the fire was caused by a wood stove and she started whining and woke my dad up and in doing so my dad saw the flames and woke everybody else up in the house the dog died in that fire her life was short but ultimately she saved my families lives and I contribute that only to God that that dog did that cause if only a few more seconds and my dad would not have woken up because of the smoke and so we went to live with my grandma for a 6 weeks and eventually got a house of five acres of land on a land contract with no interest way better than the other house could have ever been I believe that God loves me and loves everybody else in this world cause there is countless instances where it could only be God have you heard of the missiles that changed direction away from Isreal or George Washington leaving an ambush unscathed when he should have died and later recounts that he found 4 musket balls in his jacket but did not get him somehow or The Battle of Brooklyn found the American forces surrounded by 32,000 British regulars. Trapped near the East River, the British dug trenches around the Americans, planning to finish them off. They awaited British ships to arrive to cut off any possible escape route.
      The ships never arrived. Though the plan was set, the wind became still, and they couldn’t sail into place.
      It rained all night, and George Washington used all available boats to begin shuttling his troops across the river to safety under cover of darkness. As morning approached, he still had a large percentage of his soldiers awaiting transport.
      Their loss could mean disaster for the American Revolution.
      Then, a heavy fog settled over the American and British troops. Even after daybreak, the fog lay like a blanket upon both. When it finally lifted, the British were astonished to see every sign of their adversaries gone!

      • Ok Waleed

        Love is also a feeling

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