Where did she go

Diana Baffoe

I saw here leave my side just so she wouldn't try
She said its over but she was the one that cried
Then she said i still love you i just have a lot on my plate
Then i asked if you love something you will find the time and place
Now we walk in the hallways pitch black because our smiles have died
There's no more emotions in our hi's and bye's
The only emotions left is in our eyes
And it tells of the pain that we hide
You were the first girl I ever liked or even try to get to know
And this was because i thought you were different
Even after we broke up
I still remember your smiles
The way your hands felt in mine
I remember some of the songs you liked
but all am stuck with is the memories of you and I
Time froze for a minute heart ached for a minute
But the memories were fresh like i was still in it
so i broke down in the moment
And i wished you were here to lift me up
but i guess is just me and me and me and me no us

Memories Of Having Her: Where Did She Go?
Swallow Down The Right Amounts Of Pride Often Makes Sure I Have No Hurt Inside.
Dried Dreams Of These Days & Nights Without Her. I Remember Her Well: Where Did She Go?

  • Authors: Diana Baffoe, Broken Ankh
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  • Finished: February 23rd, 2023 09:30
  • Limit: 10 stanzas
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  • Addy

    Nice poem! Well written.. you can feel the emotion behind those lines

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