A dream pitter-pattered on my heart

A dream so electrifying so shimmering

Within me a parallel with me tee hee'd

With me propagated its jejune wings.

Some outer gravitation and some inner mania

In cahoots with each other, wined and dined

We, impregnable to relish the whole world

ritzily accoutered with panache and perfumed.

lock, stock, and barrel so flamboyantly wild,

All the niches were like chalk and cheese

Me and my dream, with a utopian clutch

We were snoopy baby Bumblebees

With bag pack of hankering, we kicked off the school

Where we digested magic, logic, and tragic

hammered and engineered to achieve the urbane profile

Some 1-2-3 OF math’s and some lalala of music

The vicissitude of time turned my natural heart to ersatz

my organic emotions learnt the magic of cajoling

pocket full of dollars, Instagram full of followers

I was chasing titanic, forgot the real tholing

While riding in Ferrari my eyes caught the lonely moon

nostalgia embraced me, warmed my cold heart

So much I eighty-sixed to attain the acclimatization

While living in an ivory tower I Shoved my nest apart

This emptiness engulfed pizza of my peace

evaporated  years seem like ashes of a tomb

Crocodile bag Couldn’t schlep MY sorrow

Franck Muller couldn't boomerang the doom

The flesh of my heart turned to Pink Diamond

Carrying emoticons with an updated version

My heart succumbed to rapacity, said goodbye

My dream was abandoned, incomplete, and an orphan.

  • Author: AsiyaK6404 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 8th, 2023 18:15
  • Category: Sad
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