I hold a terror close to me, 
A day my life in wait;
Which rushes up to meet me here,
Where I patiently wait.

It speaks to me of ruin,
Of blood that won't abide.
A curse too ugly to dispel,
A hex too large to hide;
A day when I will join the throng
Of drowning in the west.
Don't swim too close to the doomed,
Might have to share your vest.

Too in love with platitudes,
As empty as they are;
Doesn't matter what we trade,
Who suffers, near or far.

Have to keep up this charade,
Keep dancing on the dead.
Have to praise the god of slaves,
Lest he turn 'round instead.

I just can't walk the way you can,
Been paying my whole life.
I pray for kin the harvest yields,
And god blesses the knife. 

  • Author: Quemis (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 9th, 2023 21:33
  • Comment from author about the poem: If you're homeless you deserve to be. Our culture, and everyone I have ever known has shouted this at me my entire life. Well, lets get on with it then.
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  • 2781

    No one has power over the spirit, to retain the spirit, and no one has power in the day of death. There is no release from that war, and wickedness will not deliver those who are given to it.

  • Doggerel Dave

    I had no idea your piece, which had great rhyme and rhythm, was about homelessness until I caught the oblique hint in your comments......Would you like to do a more explicit piece on this subject, which is a curse, please?

    • Quemis

      Yea! I might do one day!

      I know I can be a bit too fond of abstraction and foggy metaphors at times. I should challenge myself to be more direct, more often.

      I am glad you were interested enough to suggest it.

      Thanks Dave!

    • Ok Waleed

      Sorry about your situation. If you look at the world as your home then you can live anywhere atleast…

      • Quemis

        I was always envious of those who find their passions and comfort in the world, and in the act of being alive.

        I need information and the internet for my passion, for what makes life worth living.
        and the world can be fucking scary.

        But, necessity is the mother of invention and all that - so: we shall see. We are always more adaptable than we imagine.

        Thanks, friend.

      • L. B. Mek

        'Don't swim too close to the doomed,
        Might have to share your vest.'
        love the empathetic humanity
        in your purposed wrath..
        (in eyes murky with surrender
        we seldom find the clarity
        to accept the horrors in our
        cyclically warped, reality...)
        I've missed your poetry my friend
        hope you're having a good start to the year
        stay safe! stay strong

        • Quemis

          Thank you Mek.

          It is hard out here.
          You are really one of the most active, and supportive community members to poets on this site.
          Really make people feel special.

          I hope I can return as much energy to these kind of spaces again one day, -
          If i ever get my head back on strait anyhow.


          Keep on keepin on.
          Thanks man.

          • L. B. Mek

            'wu wei'
            embrace the struggle
            those tsunami's of life
            ride those vibes of fate
            find your place, beyond strife
            then offer a hand, if you can
            pass it on, keepin on!
            thanks for being you, dear cherished Poet

          • Parisab

            ‘And god blesses the knife’ and the rhythmic and the gentle flow of your poem captured my whole attention. The greats are everywhere with the roof as big as the sky. Keep writing dear kin and poet. May you harvest all that you desire.

          • jarcher54

            I second LB's statement... your poems are indispensable and have been greatly missed. I have always looked forward to them. As I have said many times, your allusiveness, the freshness of your dense imagery, the vivid emotion expressed with steel-eyed control, and the natural flow of your verse are impressive and addictive. This is one of my favorites for all those reasons.

            PS Let us know if we can help!

            • Quemis

              Hey Jarcher.

              Always glad to hear from you.
              You have been reading my stuff for years man!

              You always understood that my poems bounce right when read aloud, and have always been extremely kind.

              Thank you a ton.

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