Unity in Diversity


Hate is a well, that never ends, Surrounding us, like a dark and bitter trend, We're lost in its depths, and forget what is true, The love that surrounds us, and the good that we knew.

We're consumed by hate, and forget what is right, The love that's around us, hidden by the night, We let the hate consume us, and we lose sight, Of the love that's within us, and the beauty of life.

But love is a light, that shines so bright, It pierces the darkness, and dispels the night, It's a force of good, that can conquer all hate, And bring us together, in a world that's so great.

So let us remember, the love that's around, And let it guide us, in this world that's so sound, For in unity, there's strength, in our diversity, There's love, and hope, and so much possibility.

For hate is a well, that never ends, But love is a light, that never bends, So let us shine this light, and let it glow, And watch as the hate, begins to recede, and so it can grow.

  • Author: Mello (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 12th, 2023 06:12
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 18
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  • sorenbarrett

    A beatiful message highlited with vivid imagry and a great metaphor. Nicely done

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