Moths Pass By

[email protected]

Thin winged glimmer scenting the air

Before settling amongst the twilit greenery

Of a yard in escape


Seen through membranous tissue

The world seems a dream

Dotted with the chaotic pluckings of fat-limbed toddlers


Overwhelmed by pubescent longings

For life after the incessant bombing

Of tallowed sheets

Wrenched from their cankerous moorings


The improbability of escape nestling within

Your robin red-breasted kindness

Drenched with the decayed sweetness

Of labored breathing


Channeled into a corona of emptiness

Managing to appear ripened

When in fact it has been dead for years


What more can you do

With dreams that have been thrust

Pulsing and red

Down your throat

By those who have failed to escape

From the fettered wings

Of mismanagement

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  • Published: February 13th, 2023 20:31
  • Category: Unclassified
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