A Valentine's Drink


Hello there darling, 
Can I buy you a drink, 
We met last September, 
No it was October now I think.

Don't say you can't remember,
Oh that's my ego well deflated,
I thought we really clicked, 
Seeing as we're distantly related.

We spent the night together,
I had the very best of time,
I guess for you it was a blur,
You did have quite a bit of wine.

But, please can we just have a chat,
Go give me a chance to start over,
Maybe I can jog your memory,
And get you to see me in Clover.

Please, let me get you another,
And then maybe we could find,
Somewhere really nice to eat,
You know, I have just the place in mind.

And it's not that far away.
My Porsche is parked just outside,
You'll get to see how great it is,
I really think you'll enjoy the ride.

Oh, are you not feeling well,
I had best just get you home,
There you go, just over here,
Don't worry I'll look after your phone.

Right, here Doll, get in this van,
On that mattress up in the back,
And don't make a fucking sound,
Or I'll give you a fucking smack.

Just stay there, and don't fucking move,
Now we're going for a little run,
I know a great little old warehouse,
Where we can start our night of fun.

All the boys are waiting for you,
But I'm first 'cause you're my bitch,
And then you had better please them,
Or you'll end up in a fucking ditch.

Right get your head down Baby Girl,
When that's worn off I want you fresh,
'Cause we're gonna take you every which way,
Oh we're gonna have one blinding sesh.

Wakey wakey
We're here!







  • Author: JasmineUK (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 14th, 2023 19:48
  • Category: Unclassified
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