We are nearly home, my angel, we are nearly home.

David Wakeling

My dear, my angel, do not worry, we are not lost,

We will follow the well-worn sacred path at all cost,

And be guided by the star that beckons the hopeful.

We will stay loyal to the course of the dutiful,

Until we are safe at home by the warm fire's glow.

We must be lead by the bright candle in the window.

My trusting child, follow this way and stay close to me.

Recite the prayer of our gentle lady of mercy,

“Dear lady, look after us and let us rise above,

And be guided by the light from the angel of love."

Come my dear, this way home, and we will soon dance and sing,

Hold my hand, precious dove, for the night is beckoning.


I brought you into this dangerous world and I know,

I must protect you from all the evil it will show.

I will try to safeguard you from the darkening sky.

Stay close to me and I will teach your spirit to fly.

Worry not, my little bird, I will find you a nest.

Just a few more roadways through the old blackened forest,

And over the bridge that spans the river of the damned.

Once we get beyond the green hills, we cannot be harmed.

It is just a short walk past the graveyard on the hill.

Oh darling, we can run the rest of the way until,

I carry you into our safe home, oh don't you see,

I'll protect you, trust in me, my daughter, trust in me.


You must hold onto my hand and have faith, hold on tight.

This awkward day is waning and it will soon be night.

The ugly creatures of the darkness will soon appear,

And, you my purpose, are all I have to ward off fear.

You are the mystical light when the night has begun.

You are my heart beating, joy and beauty all in one.

Hold onto my hand, hold on tight and remember well,

If we are ever kept apart in this darkened hell,

And the frightening, hungry beasts of terror appear,

My angel, always try to scream twice for me to hear.

I might not hear you if you only scream once in fear.

Remember, you must try to scream twice for me to hear.


It is dark, dearest, let's stop and take our chances.

Let's hide in the trees and be covered by the branches.

Here is a good place, it has the look of Sympathy.

This beautiful tree I shall call the tree of Mercy,

And this stone I will call the great rock of Salvation,

Sit and rest, on our knees, we will pray for redemption.

Trust me, I will stay awake all night to protect you.

Let me sing a lullaby from the ghost of the blue,

And when the ancient sun erupts in the morning skies,

I will wake you, my cherub, with rainbows in your eyes.

For we have beaten the evil darkness in the wild.

We have peered into the deep dark well of night and smiled.

  • Author: David Wakeling (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 15th, 2023 00:02
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Iva Hotko

    Tenderness and love coated with strength and determination worded in such a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing this poem 🙂

  • David Wakeling

    Thank you for your comments.Much apreciated

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