Noise lots of it


And bright flashing lights


Large orange and black signs


Heralding the onslaught of work yet to come


Big loud trucks, motors grating


The incessant beep beep sound


Of backing trucks


Filled with all manner


Of materials


That promise improvement


Some are dirty, messy, strong of smell


And the work looks like it will be


Hot, tiring, no fun



But a promise has been made

You will wait

You will see

Maybe something can be salvaged

From this wreck of a road


Each day you watch from your window


Coffee in hand



That you are barely breathing



As the days pass

You begin to see small changes


Day after day you watch

Breath held, fingers gripped


Around the handle of your mug


Coffee getting cold



As the weeks pass

The changes become more discernable

Until one day


You notice


A ssmooth patch of black tar


Where before there’d been crumpled black top


Making it a jarring, uncomfortable ride


After that


The work goes quickly


And as the stifling heat of Summer


Gives way to the chill warmth of Autumn


All work stops







You find yourself


Standing at the window


Coffee cup in hand


Fragrant steam arising


From its porcelain depths


  • Author: [email protected] (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 15th, 2023 10:32
  • Category: Love
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  • Eileen Clark

    Hello, this is fun to read, it kept me reading right to the end because as I was reading I was second guessing how it would end.

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