Trying so hard to avoid the past

Never wanting to look back

So many people want to know 

Why I feel so alone

Little do they know how it feels

To look around to see

People making fun of you

It's hard to imagine

Someone like me, being a legend

at masking everything

When you walk down the street

feeling that sudden breeze 

It's you walking right through me

Sometimes I even look around to see

Tons of people walking past me

My heart would then start to pound

Hoping that someone will turn around

Cause I'm craving to be found

I don't know how much more

of this pain I can take

As my heart continues to ache

My lungs filling up with hate

My eyes can't disguise the tears

that fall every time those eyes

always passing by makes me

wonder to myself If I'm still alive

For once in your life can't you

open up your eyes to see the light

I'm right beside you but

you're acting like I don't exist 

I feel like if you don't see me 

then will I ever be seen

or is their just nothing in me

Do you need me to scream

for you to even see me

It's hard to see the slightest bit of hope

But all you see is that on the outside 

I look alright to all those people in sight

  • Author: Joanna S (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 16th, 2023 10:23
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 22


  • ModernPoemLover

    Hiya, I loved your poem, its unfortunate how really relatable it is, I hope writing it down made you feel better 🙂

    • jojosearle

      thankyou it did

    • Abby1234

      I loved your poem. I know how it feels.

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