The Dawn is just a Cobweb away


The Dawn is just outside the Cobweb

---to suicided胡鑫宇


If your house is on fire

Escape if you cannot put it out

Youll have a clear life to set about

If your town is flooded

Flow down if you cant climb high

Nature follows a better course than die

There would be a long way to traverse

And a full life, versed more diverse

Why take the short cut to a shorn tree

If not the glee in ski

Or the free style in swimming pool

Life is not just home or school

There is a vast world out in light

If you rage against the good night

If you cant be a prince therein

Why not get away a Huckleberry Finn

Things are never that bad, still

At least you have your free will

When your are suppose to break out hard

You turned out a skeleton in the backyard

You are smart to discover lifes meaningless

But not wise enough to shape it to happiness

  • Author: arobot (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 19th, 2023 04:32
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  • David Wakeling

    This reads like the author wants to give some life advice.Unfortunately nothing is explained.It is not clear how the advice should be put into practice.But hey what would I know

    • arobot

      it is kind of vague, if you had not experienced the kind of school life in this country which is almost prison-like, or like a military camp.

      and this is not some advice on life, but an elegy, about the so-called education in this country which is killing kids

    • arobot

      it is about a recent tragedy. one night this highshooler was missing from his dorm despite all the security cameras. A massive search went on for more than three months afterwards. I t was recently found out the body had been hanging right in the small wood grove at the schoolyard. the student had recorded his attempts of suicide in his recording device for being unendurable of the pressure of school and meaninglessness of life.

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