Unpredictable Me


Unpredictable me is like a two sided coin

Its like my personality splits into two

I am unstable and not at all steady

You can never catch me focus or ready

The unpredictable me character is not at all real

I am the side kick in a fiction movie

In here I can pretend to be crazy and free

No one will ridicule, judge or condemn me

Unpredictable me have no responsibility

I can be who ever I want to be for I am free

Unpredictable me emotions and feelings are not at all precise

Torn between two lovers unable to choose

Running back and forth to and fro that's me

The two sided coin acting like a clown

Unpredictable me can be found at every circus show

Yes, I am not at all your average clown

I was born to wear a frown

Unpredictable me doesn't know stability

My dreams and visions are unsure

Like the sail that sways at sea at night,

I am often toss against the heavy storms

Hence why my body and sails are battered and torn

Yes unpredictable me haven't got a clue 

About what next I should write or do

Unpredictable me, I am sure will be back to write or edit something new.


  • Author: poeticart1967 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 20th, 2023 13:44
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  • Rainbow

    Sometimes peoples behaviour is unpredictable and so are people sometimes . Well expressed poem .

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